Jonathan Cheban AKA Mr. Celebrity AKA Kim K's BFF AKA Ms. Jonathan, looking rather... um.. i don't know 😐 #JonathanCheban #NoMoreSurgeriesPlease #Lol #KimKsTail


  1. forevr_crystal_

    This dude is soooooo fuckin annoying!!! Hes as ugle as he sounds.

  2. tuffourelizabeth

    He looks like a dog

  3. ilhaamoz

    This guy is super insecure

  4. princess_kaylaabernathy

    he looks like Pinocchio from shrek

  5. karlaviviana_

    He looks like the giant orangutang from the jungle book

  6. kaylaandmybabies

    He looks like drop dead Fred after he got his head stuck in the fridge

  7. jo_w1315

    So feminine

  8. eminemster411

    @plastic_celebs Jonathan 'Kardashian-West' Cheban 😂😂😂 He's starting to look like Kim! Nice job, @simonourianmd1 👌🏽👍🏽 🤣

  9. eminemster411

    @plastic_celebs Jonathan has a boyfriend named Nolan Nardecchia that he keeps under wraps because his Mom would disown him if she knew he was gay. Google him 👉🏽 Nolan Nardecchia. He works in PR just like our boy Jonathan 😊

  10. eminemster411

    @plastic_celebs I have more info if you want ☺️😘

  11. im_priss

    Ugh cant stand this chic

  12. densontonya

    Jonathan needs to get a life of his own n stop running behind Kim ass being her bitch boy toy

  13. shenita_mamita

    Drop dead fred....when his face was

  14. valitatina

    He blocks me too 😂 he's just the Kardashian's leech

  15. yanalav25

    He looks dope

  16. sabrina88400

    It sounds awful but this man is the worse looking man I've seen in a long time and he comes across as so weird I don't get him ?

  17. saimas_lashes_

    Face is fked

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