i don't think that bikini top has any padding sooo 🤔🤔🤔😂 #KylieJenner #ThoseBoobsJustKeepOnGrowingDontThey #ThatTimeOfTheMonthAGAIN #Lol


  1. classy1985yy

    He transformed her into looking like trash first then pornstar

  2. hatescats

    Who's really surprised anyway? Kris is a monster, creating monsters. They all have body dysmorphia.

  3. sandralanisp19

    What really surprises me is her ability to increase and decrease her proportions every day. With photoshop, pads, fillers or whatever she does, she is a master 😱

  4. lpeters250

    Leave the girl alone. She is unbothered by jealous haters. 🖐🏽

  5. ccstahlmeansbusiness

    If you ever watch old clips of Keeping up she was just cute and sweet, and now it's like wtf happened, literally....

  6. fayegreenwoody


  7. spookyjimhalloween

    What's up with her knee

  8. _mrd__1

    @hatescats 😂😂😂

  9. onieldjm_official

    @roastthejenners yesss ur right fake ass

  10. onieldjm_official

    @lpeters250 jajajjaa she is a plastic shit

  11. fsquare.id

    Does she finish her final form?

  12. freyja.and.frigga

    Not subtle at all

  13. dontbotherforreal

    @ccstahlmeansbusiness cute and sweet? They were trash especially her. She was a disrespectful little trash bag. Mainly to her mother

  14. ainek_.13

    Whats up with her leg??

  15. ccstahlmeansbusiness

    @dontbotherforreal Oh jeez my bad. You're right I didn't watch every episode, but I definitely remember her being a little spoiled but that's literally kind of her parents fault but also to be expected

  16. lauraintheskywithdiamonds10

    100 percent got her tits done

  17. cozzibaring

    @venetia_baring I feel like you will like this account hehehe

  18. pinkdaisiess

    could be her birth control ? (Not saying it is)

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