ooohhhh, man! that ass is looking so Kardashian lately! 😅 big ass with chicken legs 😮🤣💉 #KylieJenner #ThatLongAssTho #KylieKardashian #KimKJr #Lol


  1. pinkroofie cause u 301 that makes u feel better about yourself? 😂 go fix that hulk chin then come back to me.

  2. taylorvasquezz

    @pinkroofie oh and we may need to send a search party for your eyebrows because UHM WHERE ARE THEY

  3. pinkroofie you ate em. Fat bitch

  4. taylorvasquezz

    @pinkroofie back at it again with the body shaming lmaooooo imagine being that ugly can't relate

  5. pinkroofie 😘

  6. matchacoffees

    lmao @pinkroofie is literally flawless

  7. n.e.t.t.a_g

    Kylie basically is body shamming every girl her age, she gets work done then lies and shows it off in every video making it seem like her body is the perfect body and goals, when in reality she hates her self😩

  8. thewhiterabbit__


  9. mari.fckn.ana

    No surgery though @dianna__xo

  10. izabellarieta


  11. alyssadejure

    @izabellarieta iwww

  12. naylala221

    @ruxi_toffifee "photoshop"

  13. lewismassey

    these aren't real

  14. trishalee318

    She has no ass.. Why say its fake, still small as hell.

  15. kokein_models


  16. omgrhee


  17. bvdmyriam


  18. mickeynewyear

    Diaper booty

  19. swiftielovestory


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