and now her ass went back to Jenner?!? 😫😂😅😭🤣 #KylieJenner

and now her ass went back to Jenner?!? 😫😂😅😭🤣 #KylieJenner 


  1. pchwcruisin

    It's nevever going back to jenner, it's plastic

  2. blueliness


  3. paulina__lo

    Ya se hizo otra cosa en la cara 😷😱 jaja

  4. wiiildcattt

    This bitch is so obsessed with herself

  5. devaawarrenn

    i think she forgot her ass 🤔

  6. imrevival

    Are u body shaming or?

  7. jxmesbhanvra

    Leave her be, it's so embarrassing that you feel the need to try put someone down

  8. x.nml

    Dude, i absolutely despise the kardashians/jenners but you're embarrassing yourself here.. dedicating an entire account to show their surgery? Lil low life man

  9. oldaccount46744

    @imrevival wtf how would this be body shaming??

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