and now her ass went back to Jenner?!? 😫😂😅😭🤣 #KylieJenner

and now her ass went back to Jenner?!? 😫😂😅😭🤣 #KylieJenner 


  1. pchwcruisin

    It's nevever going back to jenner, it's plastic

  2. blueliness


  3. kayla.joy01

    It's just the pants. My butt looks flatter in sweats

  4. paulinalaalara

    Ya se hizo otra cosa en la cara 😷😱 jaja

  5. wiiildcattt

    This bitch is so obsessed with herself

  6. devaawarrenn

    i think she forgot her ass 🤔

  7. sara.vuqiterna


  8. imrevival

    Are u body shaming or?

  9. jxmesbhanvra

    Leave her be, it's so embarrassing that you feel the need to try put someone down

  10. x.nml

    Dude, i absolutely despise the kardashians/jenners but you're embarrassing yourself here.. dedicating an entire account to show their surgery? Lil low life man

  11. oldaccount46744

    @imrevival wtf how would this be body shaming??

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