now that's a nice ass 😍 hopefully she doesn't go the same route as the other lol #KourtneyKardashian

now that's a nice ass 😍 hopefully she doesn't go the same route as the other lol #KourtneyKardashian 


  1. veronicaadesiree

    @shedgaf And I didn't say straight up natural. I said most natural. As in I already knew Kourtney had her boobies done.

  2. barbarawors80

    @veronicaadesiree is that a thing you do often? When someone points out that you're wrong say 'it's not a huge deal'?

  3. veronicaadesiree

    @shedgaf Now you wanna turn this into a fight? K let's do it💀 NO, I don't say that when I'm wrong. Usually most of the time, I'm not wrong anyways. I said "most natural." Go up to my comment and see if you forgotten. I did not say "100% natural." Therefore, I'm not wrong, because I already knew that Kourtney had breast implants, which again, is not a huge deal. She didn't completely transform herself into someone knew. It's a minor adjustment. I don't like the Kardashian's/Jenner's, but I do love Kourtney 'cause she's not a fake bitch like her sisters. (-:

  4. barbarawors80

    This nigga is about to write a whole essay on someone who doesn't even know her 😂

  5. veronicaadesiree

    @shedgaf @ me next time. 😘

  6. barbarawors80

    @veronicaadesiree kendall is the most natural 😘

  7. veronicaadesiree

    @shedgaf everyone has a different opinion ! Bye now 👋🏽

  8. barbarawors80

    @veronicaadesiree not an opinion. A fact. Or isnt that a huge deal either? 😂😂😊

  9. lauramosquera241

    I only love her

  10. simple._.simple

    She already has lol

  11. veronicaadesiree

    @linda.babyx Bitch bye. I didn't lecture😂She came to ME wanting to start a fight over MY opinion. And frankly I don't need to explain this to you because this is old and she's stupid.

  12. barbarawors80

    @veronicaadesiree just because I have an another opinion I am stupid? So you're lecturing

  13. veronicaadesiree

    @shedgaf That's nice (I really do not care).

  14. casanova_grey

    @shedgaf kendall got lip injections

  15. basicmaddiie

    @shedgaf honestly I have to give Kourtney props because she has gotten as much surgery done. She only got a breast lift ( I think ) but she admitted to it instead of lying plus she's the only one that actually looks normal.

  16. viviana_ahr

    Es hermosa

  17. arii2na

    @casanova_grey where?

  18. casanova_grey

    @nickigrandez I don't know she got the same treatment Kylie got

  19. biebers.__.wife

    It's fake to! 😂😂😂

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