*credit when credit is due*  IMO, she looks super nice here, love her lashes! #KylieJenner #DontHateOnMeNow #Lol #CreditWhenCreditIsDue


  1. naylala221

    Ya when she takes her makeup off thou, her eyelashe extensions look soo spidery.

  2. karbear3276

    Nose melting away...gone gone like MJ

  3. karbear3276

    Looking like Kenny, no?

  4. melda.nur

    @rtml.dlr ok hier ist sie echt schön 😍

  5. rtml.dlr

    @melda.nur jaaaa und ihre lippen sehen auch nicht so übertrieben fett aus 😬❤

  6. artworkbyisa

    I love it when she only has a very little amount of fillers

  7. fortii_

    Her nose looks fine @karbear3276

  8. bbmad12

    @majecal1 @ellabellaamad 👍🏻

  9. cupcakkeismyqueen

    Her fake lips are on fleek

  10. blueliness


  11. soso_nbk

    Her lips here are better here than now

  12. shantihl

    @cupcakkeismyqueen lol fake lips on fleek 😂😂 true tho

  13. shantihl

    Her make is so soft and pretty here.

  14. shantihl

    Why is her nose looking even smaller here than usual? Photoshop

  15. plastic_celebs

    @shantihl yeah, apparently it is photoshopped 😑 and me like a dumbass giving her credit hahaha 🙄 never again! lol

  16. shantihl

    Lol @plastic_celebs ya I just saw the before original pic vs. photoshopped

  17. melli.carter

    You sure are keeping up with the kardashians

  18. joejha

    I named those lips as a duck lip

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