*credit when credit is due*  IMO, she looks super nice here, love her lashes! #KylieJenner #DontHateOnMeNow #Lol #CreditWhenCreditIsDue


  1. dilaraxarx

    @melda.nur jaaaa und ihre lippen sehen auch nicht so übertrieben fett aus 😬❤

  2. artworkbyisa

    I love it when she only has a very little amount of fillers

  3. angelina.forti

    Her nose looks fine @karbear3276

  4. bbmad12

    @majecal1 @ellabellaamad 👍🏻

  5. yasminemvslim

    Her fake lips are on fleek

  6. blueliness


  7. sophia_nbk

    Her lips here are better here than now

  8. shantihl

    @cupcakkeismyqueen lol fake lips on fleek 😂😂 true tho

  9. shantihl

    Her make is so soft and pretty here.

  10. shantihl

    Why is her nose looking even smaller here than usual? Photoshop

  11. plastic_celebs

    @shantihl yeah, apparently it is photoshopped 😑 and me like a dumbass giving her credit hahaha 🙄 never again! lol

  12. shantihl

    Lol @plastic_celebs ya I just saw the before original pic vs. photoshopped

  13. joejha

    I named those lips as a duck lip

  14. tamara.37

    So cute

  15. evelynnellyyy_

    My wife 😻

  16. k_bella

    Her lips look better like this. Top lip a lil less full.

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