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#Kengi😻 best friends goals✨🔥

#Kengi 😻 best friends goals✨🔥


  1. amaliajilca

    Isn't at left down Photoshop?

  2. celebrities.land

    @amaliajilca yeah it is,I think

  3. amaliajilca

    @celebrities.land I think so too, because this was an Yeezy event or Kanye's concert ( I really don't remember) and I don't think that Gigi was there too (sorry for my English if you don't understand smth, English isn't my first language )

  4. celebrities.land

    @amaliajilca haha😂it's not important I'm undrestanding✔️

  5. amaliajilca

    @celebrities.land Ohhh, 😂 cool

  6. christina_rari

    @aggeliki.avgerinou 👑

  7. aggeliki.avgerinou

    @christina_rari sagapw💘

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