` those shoes 😩🤐😷 what do you guys think? #KylieJenner #IThinkTheyLookLikeCondoms #Lol - plastic_celebs online instagram
those shoes 😩🤐😷 what do you guys think? #KylieJenner #IThinkTheyLookLikeCondoms #Lol


  1. charlie662892

    First of all What The He'll Is That Nasty Herpes Shit on her foot EWWW

  2. gottaletmefollow

    kangaroo feet

  3. toutatouta81

    Wtf that looks UGLYYY....U G L Y ...UGLY dont they have any sense of fashion!!!

  4. parris.db

    So cute 💕😍

  5. the.walkingdead.editss

    @roastingkylie OMG YeS😂😭

  6. imd_it

    Son asquerosos

  7. shantihl

    Crazy lady shoes.. Kardashian robots following Kanye stupid ass fashion

  8. siomara.mx

    Son espantosos...

  9. spiritual.splendid.self

    Doesn't look cute...but I'd like to see with nicer outfit maybe. Jeans and a hoodie and a hat not helping the shoes

  10. adalin_kobe

    it looks like used condom with a pubic hair...sorry but i'm sorry.

  11. _annalgd


  12. jeaniva615

    Fashion gone horribly wrong...🙀😳💯

  13. beautybyb311a

    What is the point of wearing shoes if they are clear

  14. jollykeyth

    Hahaha condom boots indeed 😂

  15. pilgrimnicole

    She is a Bigfoot

  16. isaboelhouwer_

    But if She likes them so what?

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