those shoes 😩🤐😷 what do you guys think? #KylieJenner #IThinkTheyLookLikeCondoms #Lol


  1. jeanettsteensma

    A condom shoe ?

  2. sam.lolol

    @adrimusich @jasminemiletic

  3. kenzieclaire18

    They're just shoes why tf do you care so much?

  4. jericajansen


  5. christathegreat

    Those are terrible! Lol

  6. thequeenpinks

    Condom ass looking shoes

  7. _.8k8._


  8. monicamaxwell_


  9. charlie662892

    First of all What The He'll Is That Nasty Herpes Shit on her foot EWWW

  10. gottaletmefollow

    kangaroo feet

  11. toutatouta81

    Wtf that looks UGLYYY....U G L Y ...UGLY dont they have any sense of fashion!!!

  12. parris.db

    So cute 💕😍

  13. the.walkingdead.editss

    @roastingkylie OMG YeS😂😭

  14. egophrases

    Son asquerosos

  15. cuneyt.kasranoglu

    they look like condoms tbh😂😂😂

  16. shantihl

    Crazy lady shoes.. Kardashian robots following Kanye stupid ass fashion


    Son espantosos...

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