😂😂😂 i'm not laughing about what happened, just at the caption 😅😆

😂😂😂 i'm not laughing about what happened, just at the caption 😅😆


  1. jackymodiano

    I'm laughing that that happened 😂 all that money on surgery but they neglected a good security system 😂😂 #prioritize 

  2. justwright0404

    😒Dash is still opened?

  3. dianabeabs

    I mean that store only has like 3 items in there, so he couldn't have got away with much. Unless he wanted a lifetime supply of their shitty books, there isn't much else.

  4. hatescats

    I'M laughing about what happened. If it's real.

  5. booknerrd30

    It's funny how you all are laughing but if it happened to you would you want people laughing. Stop being disrespectful

  6. hmw666

    @booknerrd30 true but it's actually sad when hard working people who make an average living get robbed and it sets them back heaps financially, but most people, such as myself, couldn't care less about super rich celebrities because it literally doesn't even effect their lives when they still have shit tonnes of money, cars, houses etc and will always have these things while they're still famous

  7. melissa_transue

    Apparently $1600 worth of merchandise

  8. naylala221

    @booknerrd30 they have millions upon millions of dollars all off of lies they sell while marketing to go about young women. Some karma should take place I would think. Not like they care of dash was robbed, they don't even make a fraction of their profit from dash compared to the rest of their income. If anything they'll just act upset so they'll have some filming material. I've seen them do it many times before and it most definitely is not the last. The newest way to keep people interested: "tragedy"

  9. eastykinge

    They doing too much now

  10. lynn67n1

    I didn't realize the store was still open .

  11. lynn67n1

    What's so puzzling is when people take the ⏰ to look for a page about this family then take the ⏰ to post a hateful comment that states how they can't stand them 🤔 but they USE their precious minute or so to spew negativity , but remember they don't like them 🤔 TROLL CITY 😨

  12. charlie662892

    @lynn67n1 Yea me to

  13. theofficialkara

    Regardless of their financial standing, being robbed is about more than tangible items or money. Being robbed makes you feel personally defiled and targeted. Get outta here w that "they have money so they deserve this" bullshit smh. No sympathy for anyone or anything ever

  14. lauraintheskywithdiamonds10

    I don't believe this or the paris attack all for publicity

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