We've come along way since day 1. Thank you for all the support! This is only the beginning. Join us💪🏽it's never to late to make a difference👍🏽☺️ #grindin #gymglow #Day1 #progress #striveforgreatness #fitnessmotivation


  1. romethelifter

    Filling out le

  2. thelifeofhicksandwhite

    Thanks man👍🏽

  3. soul_to_seoul_

    What's the difference?? Your hair ?? 🤔

  4. lifeofhicks

    @kinetic_aesthetic_ the abs you fucker😂🖕🏾

  5. vegan_victor

    Get it in guys. I'm cheering for you both.

  6. thelifeofhicksandwhite

    @vegan_victor thank you man means a whole lot to us 💯 #striveforgreatness 

  7. jebeck3

    Lmfao 😂😂😂 @kinetic_aesthetic_

  8. mo_loves_yu_

    What was the time difference?

  9. thelifeofhicksandwhite

    @mo_loves_yu_ two months

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