they look like they belong at Madame Tussauds wax museum 🙊🤐😟🤣😅 #KylieJenner #OliverRousteing #Lol #ICallThemAsISeeThem


  1. jennnnnifer_6789

    @lkkenn coming from the fashion designer

  2. jennnnnifer_6789

    @sinemmpolit did you know* Kendall has* a wax figure?* Thought I would help you out.

  3. jennnnnifer_6789

    @blueliness Good way to describe your outlook on life

  4. jennnnnifer_6789

    @anthembookreview I'm so glad you took time to type that

  5. jennnnnifer_6789

    Honestly, why do people waste their time looking and commenting on this shit? I am honestly interested. After doing my research, damn, I feel sorry for the people who comment so negatively. You're all so bored and insecure. Get a grip! Thank you, for being my entertainment for the moment. I was so intrigued by the behavior of pathetic people, and I thought, what better way to observe than to look at a roast-Kardashian page?! Get a grip on your lives people!

  6. technetium_43

    I don't understand why u think I was being negative? @jdionne42088

  7. jennnnnifer_6789

    @technetium_43 Never thought negative, stereotypical? Maybe.

  8. technetium_43

    Or just a blatant observation? For he record, genetics and race do go hand in hand. Best wishes to u and ur online trolling. @jdionne42088

  9. blueliness

    @jdionne42088 lol you are funny

  10. sirganesha

    @jdionne42088 tbh the most insecure is kylie herself 😥😥😂😂

  11. ahmeddorgham98

    Discusting ew😰

  12. fsabi95


  13. alexander9621

    @fsabi95 bien real....😂😂😂

  14. withoutsir

    caption so true

  15. bomfim_1

    This guy look like a dick

  16. wewasaliens

    At least there won't be any blacks going into a museum. We don't want the wax figures getting stolen.

  17. mm195y

    I don't know what is wrong with his cheeks😂😂😂

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