lip liner game on fleek!!! 💄✍🏻👄💉😅 #KendallJenner


  1. cindymirandarr


  2. _donandrea


  3. ambeer.k

    @daniella776_ where did she admit?

  4. senoritamely

    Nooooooooooooooo @tiohighdie

  5. daniella776_

    Check dm @ambeer.k


    Flw plz

  7. stone_cold_crazy_

    @daniella776_ really? Where?

  8. blueliness


  9. muvaonfleek

    Eyes eyebrows lift nose lips

  10. larapovs

    @ambeer.k she doesn't, in fact she deny everything like the people where stupid 😂

  11. ilmz___


  12. melli.carter

    Photo shopped

  13. daniella776_

    @stone_cold_crazy_ check dm

  14. dayogls

    She looks like sandra Bullock

  15. _cecilia_veronica_

    She gave in to lip fillers 😷

  16. anthembookreview

    Awee why her now, she was a natural beauty. She looks awful now . So sad that family can't be happy with what they were born with.

  17. love_of_gaad

    Am I the only one who think she look like khloe here

  18. savagenessmaria

    Ikr and she denied it saying something like she's a model and people always think she had surgery or lip injections foh

  19. arianator4liffe

    kendall never got plastic surgery kylie only on her lips

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