Ex's and the oh, oh, oh's they haunt me, like ghosts they want me to make 'em all, all, all, they won't let go, Ex's and oh's 🌚 - - - - - - - - #winter #japan #photo #fashion #england #travel #kawaii #ulzzang #kpop #tumblr #셀카 #korean  #cosplay #manga #anime #purple #hair #ootd #かわいい #可愛い


  1. foxchains

    Your pants! Where did you get them? 🌹

  2. http.kmca

    River Island 😊🌸💕 @celestial.daisies

  3. hxp_travels

    Great Shot! 👍

  4. rachelmack26

    1 2 3 they gonna run back to me, coz I'm the best baby that they never gotta keep ... 😋🦋

  5. http.kmca

    Love it when the mack knows my song references 😂🌸💕 @rachel_macklin

  6. rachelmack26

    When it's the Mack onto it 😂😘🤔

  7. shitty_potatos

    Totoro!! *-*

  8. leonardo_the_gamer

    Man those lyrics actually made me play that part of the song in my head

  9. leonardo_the_gamer

    fish net tights? XD that's what I thought of them as @loisburke_xx

  10. leonardo_the_gamer

    Good job Kate

  11. loisburke_xx

    @leonardo_the_gamer yes they're great aren't they😊

  12. leonardo_the_gamer

    The fish net leggings, the joke, And the lyrics all are great 😅 @loisburke_xx

  13. loisburke_xx

    @leonardo_the_gamer none of them are as good as @http.kmca tho😅

  14. leonardo_the_gamer

    Well yeah @loisburke_xx

  15. leonardo_the_gamer

    She's unbeatable

  16. catherinel.x

    i like ur toes

  17. http.kmca

    I like ur face @catherinel.x

  18. catherinel.x

    aw bae! i like yours too

  19. huangn1ck


  20. stephoneillx

    I think diesel raped that pillow #sorry 

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