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  1. urfavlexx

    @daddyxjb But miley sits here and twerks naked on stage at her concerts 🤔🤔🤔 when has Selena ever done that or make herself look like a trashy hoe? Let's be honest .. and nobody comes for demi when she's half naked, because nobody gives a fuck 😂 this girl is 25 years old , barely posts sexy pictures of her body because of ugly losers like you who hate on her . This girl can't even love herself or be confident without haters like you coming down her throat . What she meant in her speech was 'what's inside is more important than what's on the outside' but of course you 12 year old delusional fans take things out of context and hate . She will now never be able to take any pictures again without you trolls saying some dumb shit about her. Grow up. She's a grown ass woman with a beautiful body. Let her be confident and stop praising Victoria secret models who are half naked but bash Selena . Photoshoots happen and she's not a 12 year old anymore she's an adult trying to come out of her comfort zone but you ugly fat trolls won't let her

  2. daddyxjb

    @lexprincesss awh...you done?

  3. oumaima.grouch

    Didn't she said in her speech I don't want to see your body's on instagram 🤔

  4. badgalaily

    @oumaima.grouch did she post this picture here herself?! NO.

  5. oumaima.grouch

    @badgalaily she took the picture so she didn't do what she say

  6. biiaa91

    @su.p.reme 😍😍😍

  7. sibelxf

    Stick to your word?

  8. johnnyisbae2.0

    It is fake

  9. sadia_khokhar

    Isn't the tattoo on the other side

  10. douniabh

    j'ai retrouvé la photo @yaschami

  11. yaschami

    @douniabh oui hadddiii

  12. oumaima.grouch

    @triwizardscup did she tell u that her self am not trying to be negative or hate her i like her is just do not say something that you don't do

  13. dofmfifjrnfifdndk

    Arkadaki adam ben

  14. andresortega16


  15. dailyxhype


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