Having a creative planning session. Loving the colours in the notepad.  #stationery #InstaCoffee #planning #businesscards #dodigital #entrepreneur #marketing #digitalmarketing #socialmedia #marketingtools #training #planning #coaching #content


  1. compulsiveplanner

    Oooh pretty, pretty notebook, always makes the planning easier and a more attractive proposition.

  2. digitalsparklestraining

    @compulsiveplanner I know. Totally eye catching

  3. chattoncottages

    Coffee and cake gets me all the time @wearesparklecomms

  4. rosartsuk

    Ooooh love it!

  5. arttiacreative

    Love designer stationery. One of my previous jobs was designing stationery, paper goods and surface pattern. Love it!

  6. newgirlintoon

    I've been wanting to go to Sweethart for ages but not quite made it yet!

  7. embellishcuts

    That picture makes me WANT to plan. I want that notebook too...

  8. wordstruck1137

    That notebook totally got my attention. I do love nice stationery

  9. digitalsparklestraining

    @newgirlintoon it's fabulous!

  10. digitalsparklestraining

    @embellishcuts isn't it lush

  11. digitalsparklestraining

    @wordstruck1137 me too

  12. gforsterphoto

    Loving the peacock book! Reminds me I need a new comic related one!

  13. hollieellisdesign

    @wearesparklecomms That notebook is to die for! #stationeryaddict 

  14. digitalsparklestraining

    It's lush isn't it @gforsterphoto @he_design . We have similar colours in the Sparkle brand that we don't use enough so going to ramp it up

  15. finaleshoes

    @wearesparklecomms nice picture and why is it we all love stationary so much? Colours are fab on the notebook I just got a little flamingo address book for all my log ins etc decided it was more fun than a digital storage thing!

  16. digitalsparklestraining

    @finaleshoes it's amazing isn't it? Beautiful stationery attracts everyone's eye

  17. slinkeee

    Loving the stationery. ❤