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  1. kinglykos

    Super nice :)

  2. camdenrodrigo

    This is your dog ?

  3. libertyphoenix

    He's my mums and mine

  4. camdenrodrigo

    Has he been diagnosed with EPI?

  5. libertyphoenix

    @nalah_and_the_beast not yet he needs a bloody test to confirm but the vet is pretty sure it's EPI

  6. camdenrodrigo

    I'm really sorry to hear that. The cTli test will confirm whether or not he has it. Then you'll need to do a cobalamin (b12) test. I'm not a vet just a person with a shepherd diagnosed with EPI and at first it seems very difficult and expensive but it is manageable. Look around on the Internet for digestive enzymes for dogs there are good cheap sources. (I.e. Dr. Mercola) He probably also has SIBO (typically they go hand in hand) the vet may offer you costly antibiotics. I used Kefir an over the counter probiotic supplement that seemed to help a lot without the expense and dangers of antibiotics. Like I said I'm not a vet though this is just my experience. If I can help you with anything else feel free to msg me!